#SafeStay Protocol

As we take to the skies once again and adjust to a ‘new normal’, we remain committed to providing you with peace of mind so you can relax and reconnect in a comfortable and safe environment.  

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Masks are obligatory in all indoor public areas

Arrival – Check in

We’ve made changes to our arrival/check-in protocol to ensure the process is safer and more comfortable for all our guests. Upon arrival and before entering the premises, guests will have their temperature monitored by a non-invasive device.  We are putting the arrival experience into the hands of our customers, enabling them to complete check-in online, before arrival. For guests without smartphones or for those who prefer not to use such services, hotel staff will assist with check-in in a line-reduced environment.  All key cards will be sanitized with the use of an ultra-violet (UV) lighting device. Guests will receive newly sanitized key cards upon arrival. Luggage handles will be sanitized before delivery to the guest room and all doormen will sanitize luggage trolleys, buggies, and other equipment after each use.

Team Members

The health and well-being of our guests, as well as our staff, remains our top priority. Staying at our hotels, you can be assured that our staff will provide a safe working environment both for themselves and for our guests. To this extent, we are happy to announce that all members have undergone Health & Safety Covid-19 training and are certified. New standards of cleanliness are mandated for all employees.  Molecular COVID-19 testing for all employees took place prior to the opening of the hotel and on a periodic basis takes after the opening and there will be daily temperature checks for all employees before they come on duty. At all times, personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided and worn by team members.

Guest Rooms

All guest rooms are thoroughly deep cleaned and disinfected with the use of anti-bacterial products.  This is not a new protocol, just one that we have enhanced during this pandemic. Upon arrival every guest will be provided, free of charge, with a safety kit that includes masks and hand sanitizers and with every new arrival, all air conditioners have been fitted with new filters. We have replaced all printed materials with digital documents and services are available on our app. Upon arrival, guests will receive a disposable directory of services. Room service from the hotel dining room will be digitally available. Additional pillows and blankets will be provided upon request. 


There will be sanitizing stations at each restaurant for guests wishing to dine in house. Our floor plans have been modified to limit restaurant capacity, adhering to a minimum of 2 meters distance between tables. Strict delivery measures will be maintained. There are enhanced training protocols already in place to monitor food handling standards and sanitation guidelines. There will be an a-la-carte menu option and a safe buffet.  All servers will wear PPE and sanitizing will take place throughout the day in all restaurants.

Public Areas

We are paying special attention to all public areas within the hotel. Social distancing measures will always be applied in all public areas. There are many hand sanitizer stations in every public area of the hotel. There will be enhanced cleaning of all tabletops and chairs in the lobby. Doors and windows will be left open for better circulation of fresh air. We ask all guests to refrain from crowding elevators.  Please enter and leave elevators only in family units or not more than 2 unrelated guests at any one time.

Beach & Pools

Our private beach and pool areas have been modified to maintain safe social distancing and we invite all our guests to use our sunbeds and lounges. Beach and pool furniture can be reserved for the same guest throughout their stay. The beach and pool areas, including all sunbeds and equipment will be disinfected after each use while increased water quality controls are in place.

Spa & Wellness

If a guest wishes to use the spa, please book in advance.  We can accommodate one person per cabin. Intensive cleaning and disinfection will take place after every use. Spa therapists will be dressed in PPE.  The gym is available by appointment only with equipment sanitized after each use. As with all public spaces, hand sanitizer stations are conveniently placed for guest use. 

Guest Experience

We want our guests’ experience to live up to our reputation. We want to ensure every part of your stay remains extraordinary. At the same time, the safety of our guests is our number one priority. We are meeting or exceeding all government and WHO guidelines on proper physical distancing for the applicable areas. We have procedures in place to maintain social distancing in public areas. Our already high standards of hygiene, sanitization, and cleaning have been further stepped up.  We are reimagining several aspects of the guest experience through technology, to transition current processes into contactless options for guests. All menus and hotel services can be found online on a dedicated page or on the hotel applications. For the convenience of our guests, our Doctor is available at any time to provide thermal checks or any other medical services. Adequate molecular tests will also be available to visitors who wish to be tested, at a reasonable price. We look forward to welcoming you to our hotels and wish you a vacation filled with treasured memories.

More Information.

  • Breakfast . When low occupancy, breakfast will be served (A la Carte). When high occupancy, breakfast will be buffet with all necessary social distancing and service precautions and protections.
  • Lunch/Dinner. Table service 
  • Mini bar not available / fridge available 
  • Sunbeds. A towel must be placed on the sunbed. Staff will disinfect sunbeds after each use 
  • Gym. Use of gym only with reservations 
  • Sauna and steam bath will be closed.
  • Kids club – attendance with reservations